I cannot post a comment on the page where I read the corrections by my tutor

“Post a comment” does not work. What I wrote remains in the box after I click the return key on the iPad screen.

Do you have this issue with iOS app only? Would you try to reinstall it to check if that might help?

It does not work on OS X Yosemite either.
I am not brave enough to reinstall iOS or OS X.

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I notice that the comment box has moved to the bottom of the page. I wonder if this change is related to the phenomenon.

You are right, doesn’t work for me either. I’ll report this and it should be fixed soon.

Thank you for your reply.

And I can´t comment either - nor edit my completed correction.

Has anyone found the sort of worm that eats scripts related to the return key on the LingQ server?

Grrr. I didn’t realize that this problem includes the comment written at the bottom of the initial correction! I just went back and rewrote the comments to my corrections directly on the person’s wall.

The good thing is that a comment that is tied directly to a specific correction DOES post.

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“Points awarded: 0”
This message in orange type is under the message “Completed Request. Points awarded: 149.”
Where have all the points gone? Has the worm eaten not only scripts but also points?

We’re really sorry for the trouble here. We’re hoping to have these issues fixed by the end of the day, and will continue on this until everything is working properly again!

This issue should be resolved now. Let us know if it is still a problem.

It works now. Thank you.