I cannot listen to a lesson. There is no icon above the lesson for listening

I have only two icons above the lesson. One is for printing the lesson, and the other is for downloading the audio file. I will try downloading the file to listen to it while I read the lesson on the screen.

What is the name of the lesson? What language? You have to write it otherwise nobody can help you.

@JackiMex - The audio player will show in the dashboard on the right hand side of the page. If you still have trouble with this, would be you able to take a screenshot and send it to support (at) lingq.com?

It happens on all lessons. My screen does not look like the one in the tutorial video. However, I did click on the icon for downloading the audio and used Windows Media Player to listen to it. I haven’t been using lingq for a while, and that is different from how I used to do it with a place on the screen for listening, replay, etc. I have taken a screenshot and will send it to support. Many thanks.

@JackiMex - I see, in that case it sounds like an issue with your browser. Do you know which browser and version you’re using? I recommend using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox, as these browsers tend to work the best not just at LingQ but on other sites as well.

I do use Firefox, and I just updated to the latest version. No change. Downloading the audio file and listening with Media Player does work okay, but I wonder what else I am missing by not having the dashboard. I did uninstall Java after the warning from the Dept. of Homeland Security. Could that be the problem?

@JackiMex - Have you tried updating your Flash player (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/) ?

@JackiMex - I have the exact same problem when using Internet Explorer. With Firefox the start button is there but the text in the lesson is all messed up. I still use Internet Explorer when printing a lesson but for listening to and reading a lesson Google Chrome works perfect on my computer.

Updating the Flash player made no difference. I am going to try Internet Explorer and see what happens.

I just used Internet Explorer, and it looks quite different from the screen when I used Firefox. There is a long, narrow dashboard on the right of the lesson. It has a place for clicking on the audio.

@JackiMex, swampy49 - Sorry to hear that you are both having problems with this. It sounds like an issue specific to your computers, and I wonder if it is caused by a network firewall. Would either of you be able to try accessing the site using another computer and/or in another location?

@JackiMex - It looks like it is in minimized view in IE. To maximize the dashboard, click the black circle at the top right. This will show the full dashboard.