I can neither confirm nor deny that . .

Are you following the CmeA on Twitter?
I can neither confirm nor deny that I am one of the followers of the Twitter site.

“The *** Joined Twitter, Meaning It Might Actually Follow You Now”

‘Me’ should read ‘I’.

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About ‘***’
The first letter is the one that follows B in the English alphabet.
The second letter is the one that follows H in the English alphabet.
The last letter is the first one in the English alphabet.

“The ‘glomar response’ was first popularized by the CmeA in 1975 after a reporter began digging around regarding the attempted salvaging of a sunken Russian submarine. After the reporter accused the CmeA of keeping the salvaging and reporting about it under wraps, the CmeA said it would “neither confirm nor deny” the project or its efforts to quash the story around it.” (TIME)

The world ‘glomar’ comes from a large salvage vessel named ‘The Glomar Explorer’.

“A U.S. Department of State spokesman on Friday declined to confirm whether the National Security Agency spied on not only the Japanese Government but also Japanese companies as WikiLeaks has said.”–Jiji Press

“Decline to confirm whether …” is a very intriguing expression. Although the spokesman neither confirm nor deny the spying, he reportedly admitted that the United States had not received any formal or informal protests from the Japanese government.

“WikiLeaks alleges widespread U.S. spying on Japanese government, major companies”