I brought it myself

I saw a funny picture.

Question 1. Instead of saying “thank you” on picture two, is it okay to say, …
a. I brought it myself.
b. I bring it myself.
c. I bring it.

Question 2. I don’t know which preposition I should use when I want to say “the word in/on the picture”.

It’s in the picture, not on the picture.

Of those three choices, the best choice would be: I brought it myself.

But the joke is that he is taking the “seat” (i.e. chair) — which was already there in front of the desk — as a gift and saying “Thank you” for the gift, the same as if someone had offered him a piece of candy.
“Please, have a lollipop.”
“Thank you.”
He didn’t bring the chair there himself.


Thank you, brucenator.

I was playing dumb. Forgive me and ignore me this time.