I appreciate

A sentence that one of my friends wrote: “I am appreciated about everything you’ve done for me.”
I’d like to re-write it, but I’m not sure if mine is okay.

  1. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.
  2. I appreciate what you’ve done for me.
  3. Do you use “about” after appreciate?
  4. I am appreciated… means you value me?
    Thank you.

Your friend’s sentence is incorrect!

“I am appreciated about everything you’ve done for me” is wrong.

“I am appreciated” is not like “I am interested” it does not reflect backwards to the speaker but forwards. “I am interested in lilyyang”, “I am appreciated by lilyyang” - both of these refer forwards to you.

“I am appreciative” on the other hand reflects backwards (to the speaker).

You can say “I am appreciative”

  1. Correct!
  2. Correct!
  3. No, not necessarily! But you can, see below :slight_smile:
  4. I am appreciated…means someone values you. For example, “I am appreciated by my employer” means my employer values me.

You can use “about” after “appreciate” if you wish, but in a very different sense than you mean above. For example, you can say: “What I appreciate about him is his initiative”

I am sure I can think of many other examples, as you can see the context is of utmost importance

Thank you so much for the help! Happy New Year, Maria2!!!

One thing I would add to Maria2’s excellent response is that to use “I am appreciated by…” is a passive voice construction so it follows the normal usage patterns for the passive voice. In most instances, the active voice (“My employer appreciates me”) is preferable to the passive voice (“I am appreciated by my employer”).

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