I am thinking about upgrading my account. I have a small query

How easy is it to unsubscribe from the service before your credit card is charged for another period.

I have seen a few posts by experienced users of the Lingq system that they had a very hard time stopped using the service in the future.

Nothing against the Lingq system, it is just that due to Covid-19 and all, we are literally out of student jobs and money is kind of tight.

However, for me learning German is very important so I am going to make an investment in myself.

Since it is the best language system out there and I think I need to learn German for at least 1 year to make progress in the language consistently.

That’s why I am thinking about buying that 12 month premium package.

Your thoughts please before I go ahead and upgrade my current membership.


I am also a student. I do the month to month plan which I think is $13. If money is tight, I would recommend this because you can cancel at any time. Instead of making a one time payment for a year when you don’t know what going to come up in life.

Also if its in the cards $199 for one language is equivalent to about 1 year and 9 months so if you believe you will be using lingq for more than that period of time a lifetime language membership might be a good option its like if you were in premium but only for that language everything functions as normal and its also possible to have multiple lifetime languages if thats an option down the road.

Yeah, but in terms of overall costs, opting for a 12 month package is saving me quite a bit of money. Since I have decided to learn German seriously so I will be self-disciplined with my studies at Lingq even if that means spending 30 minutes a day on some days. But, I definitely need a system where I can get most of my learning done systematically and consistently.

I’ve not yet worked out what the actual benefit of a premium account is supposed to be.

I’m not sure how easy it is to unsubscribe, but it seems like LingQ works with everyone who had trouble unsubscribing. I’ve seen those posts, but LingQ seems to be fair and help them.

I think it’s worth upgrading if German is important to you. Maybe make a note on a calendar to remind yourself to unsubscribe. I think that LingQ staff will help you if you have a problem unsubscribing.

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Can I poke my nose in here? What other learning do you do aside from LingQ? I’m guessing you do because 30 minutes is not much; certainly not worth paying for.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade on LingQ:

I have seen these posts as well I had a problem with my refer a friend points and they fixed it instantly so i assume unsubscribing would be the same deal. Btw people use lingq without premium how does that even work if you can only make 20 lingqs?

I listen to radioplays in German there are a lot on youtube like sherlock holmes I am a huge fan., watch television series and read bullingual text books like german-english. I bought them on amazon. I also went through afew Beginner level 2 courses like mini stories. But now lessons are getting more complex and I need to look up a lot of unknown words and I do not see any other option apart from upgrading…

I will be spending more time on lingq but there will be some days where due to other responsibilities I may only spend 30 minutes. I have academic studies to take care of as well as a sideline definitely I used 30 as a worse case scenario. Even on the busiest days I can spare a couple of hours… No big issue

If you have trouble cancelling - email support and Zoran will take care of everything :slight_smile: