I am stuck. I am stuck. I am stuck

I am stuck. I am stuck. I am stuck. I am stuck . . .
As I remember, I once read somewhere that if you are unable to continue writing, you should repeat writing this phrase until you come up with new ideas. I am stuck. I am stuck. I am stuck . . .

I suppose the situation is called “writer’s block.”

Now you are writing, Yutaka ! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Nobuo.

I found a page related to the topic.

How Do You Fight Writer’s Block?

Welcome back! My daughter tells me I used to say to her when she complained that she was stuck: Just write one word, then the next, always one word at a time. She claims it helped her. (I didn’t know that I was such a cool mum then.)

There’s also The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, a fascinating book which provides a self-help approach beyond ‘mere’ writers’ block. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy it!

I think
I think your advice means
I think your advice means keep writing
I think your advice means keep writing slowly and logically.
I think your advice means keep writing slowly and logically, if we are stuck.
. . .
Thank you for your advice, SannetT.

Easy on the adverbs there, though.

What a clear illustration of applied learning. Yes, beware especially those adverbs! You could also write quickly and fluently.

Not only is your post exceptionally illustrative; it is also fascinatingly eloquent. I have no choice but to retreat humbly into my recluse abode and sob there quietly, undisturbed.

Hello How are We?

I always appreciate your profound comments on this forum. I can learn a lot of things from you, hiding in my recluse study, having a spontaneous smile on my face.

I am stuck. I am stuck. I am stuck.
I miss Astamoore. I wonder if he has lost interest in this site.

Well, out of five participants on this thread only one has left. What does that say about the effect LingQ has on hard-core users? Some of us perhaps simply didn’t get around to cancelling our account. Are we stuck on here or are we enjoying stickability? For my part, LingQ has become a part of my life, even during the times when I’m feeling stuck. Then there is always the forum to read or post to . . .

Astamoore never used the system much, as far as I can remember. Like me, he used to be a prolific contributor to the forum, though, and I do miss his wry comments, humour and display of extensive knowledge of some pretty obscure subjects.

Being stuck from time to time for a time seems to be a facet of life for some of us.

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