I am not sure what has been happening

Someone recommended a site for learning English words online. I googled the URL, and I saw a lot of warning signs on the results page. Besides, I noticed that the site was blocked by my web security program, although I had not visited the site. I am not sure what has been happening.

Are you referring to “Learn English words through movies” by tommon? That seems to be Spam, his English is very bad!

LingQ Support always say we only have to report spammers after 24 hours or so because they are bound to pick them up themselves. That’s the reason why I haven’t reported the guy.

P.S. I have just reported this in view of Yutaka’s findings

Edited because something odd had happened to the P.S. …

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I recently came across this site with spoken English words and phrases.
100 lessons; 1000 phrases; 1500 common words.

All of the accents I have heard so far are more or less Standard American.

Yutaka, do you think the Japanese translations are accurate?

I hope the Korean translations are accurate. I think it might be handy for jreidy.

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@Brucenator, so kind of you to think of me. I will explore the site. Looks helpful!

I should say your comment is off topic. I am perplexed by another site you are not referring to. I dare not access the site at the moment.

englishspeak.com looks like it will be very helpful. I was disappointed it only had English audio.

It is strict translations, which are accurate but with an American’s perspective. For example, the first lesson below has the two people saying ‘안녕하세요’ to each other 4 times … not quite the way a Korean would have that conversation. Still, thrilled to have a site with so much material!

James: 안녕하세요?

Lisa: 안녕하세요?

James: 안녕하세요?
How are you?

Lisa: 저는 좋아요, 안녕하세요?
I’m good. How are you?

ha ha Julia,
Literally laughing out loud! That’s hilarious that you were able to discover that so quickly!
I was wondering whether the translations were useful or not.
I hope we can find a similar 100 lessons; 1000 phrases; 1500 common words site for you that has Korean audio files.

Rocket Languages is a PAY SITE.

But I tried it out (without doing the 6-day trial) and it looks like there is a ton of audio files that are accessible for free.


Learn Korean quick and easy with the FREE book2 mp3 language course! Get Korean as a foreign language in 100 simple lessons (30 are free) with dialogues and sentences spoken by native speakers! No prior knowledge or grammar is needed. A book for this course is also available at Amazon: “book2 - English - Korean for beginners”

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