I am interested in some good lesson , Daily english , intermediate level, some native english

I am in the intermediate leve , I need some help with my english

Hi, Matheus!

There is a lot of content for English on LingQ: just apply the “intermediate 1 and 2” filters and then select the content from the LingQ library that interests you. See: Entrar - LingQ

Some recommendations (but you can always import more lessons from the original websites into LingQ yourself):

  • Voice of America episodes: Entrar - LingQ and the original website. https://www.voanews.com/
  • PBS News Hour, episodes for July / August 2020 (level intermediate 2 and upwards): Entrar - LingQ and the original website for current news episodes: PBS NewsHour: News, Analysis, Top Headlines, Live Coverage
  • What the English (“A podcast for intermediate English learners! LingQ team member Elle covers weird and wonderful topics each episode.”): Entrar - LingQ
  • Some imported Youtube videos (intermediate 2 and upwards): Entrar - LingQ
  • All ears English (intermediate 2 and upwards): Entrar - LingQ
  • English in 10 minutes (“English in 10 Minutes is a weekly podcast for intermediate and advanced English learners. Each episode is about 10 minutes long and features real, unscripted English conversations about people, places and their stories.”): Entrar - LingQ
  • Easy English on Youtube (for intermediate learners): Easy English - YouTube
  • BBC - 6 minute English: Entrar - LingQ
  • You can also use the LingQ extension for Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to import English subtitles of thousands of TV series and movies on Netflix into LingQ.

Hope that helps

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