I am having trouble with opening any lesson!

Hope that I didn’t do anything stupid to break the system. :slight_smile: It’s not working on both PC and Iphone. I wonder if this has anything to do with import on the Iphone? Thanks.

I’m experiencing the same issue but I tried to open lessons in a random language (Russian), and it works there.

me too

Same problem all day

I am also having the same problem, its not letting me open up my lessons

It’s happening to a lot of users (also in the ‘My LingQs are gone’ thread). I also contacted LingQ support by email to let them know as well, so hopefully they’ll look into it soon (it’s 8:56am where they are in Vancouver as I type).

It is impossible to open any lesson!

Same issue here

Same issue for me too.

I cannot open lessons either (on my laptop). Each and everyone produces a system error message, and brings me back to the home screen.(I did not import anything since yesterday, and everything went smoothly up to after dinner)

LingQ is broken again, what’s new?

We’re very sorry about this, everyone. Our developers are working on fixing this right now and the issue should be resolved very soon.

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It’s working now! Thanks!


Bravo! It’s working now. Thanks a million!