I am back :-)

Hi! After having been quite busy and mostly because I’ve had a long internet connection problem (Spanish internet companies suck), I am back again. I hope from now to be more active as a user.
I start offering tutoring again and for sure I will post more often at the forums. See you!

oh, at last! I was almost contemplating suicide… not anymore!!!

Welcome back Óscar ;)))))))))))

We were starting to wonder if you’d ever return…
Great to have you back, Oscar :smiley:

Berta, that’s funny, because I was also contemplating suicide, but because of the INTERNET COMPANY!!!

I’ve never gone Alex. I’ve been watching all of you hidden in the shadows of Internet…like the big brother xD


Hola! Que tal?

Vamos adelante!

Welcome back, Oscar! We’ve missed you.

Nice to have our leading video-cineaste back!

Oscar, why don’t you try ONO?

Yes Steve, the video about LingQ got an Oscar (me) :slight_smile:

Hello, Oscar! Long time did not see you. I am glad to see you again! How are you? I wish you many new successes on Lingq!

Thank you very much Ks :slight_smile:

Welcome back, Oscar. I look forward to chatting with you soon.