I am a Chinese tutor

Hey everybody. I am Katherine. I am a Chinese girl. I just scheduled my available time for Chinese conversation on the calendar page. If anyone needs help on Chinese. just make an appointment. or if the time is not match your time,just let me know which time is available to you. I hope to be helpful for your Chinese learning! Thank you all! PS: I am learning English. need help about it

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I’m from vietnam and Did you know that Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands belong to Vietnam ?
I want you to remember this above all .
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Wow, saying that just because she´s Chinese and giving yourself a rose …that´s pretty lame.


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thanks for your response :smiley:

I just want to test my english , and i have give me a flower because i’m curious. ^^!

p/s : i’m not good at english .
Nice to meet you :smiley:

I don’t know what you are talking about? why do I have to remember that?

Katherine, 就不理他,他真的没素质

OK thank you iaing

To be honest, before 1949, Vietnam had never controlled those islands, the party named “Guoming dang” in Taiwan controlled them.
Even those islands have some relics written by Mandarin. For example, B ch Long V was given to Vietnam by China during the war between Vietnam and US. You can imagine how lame you were when you said that.
At that time Vietnam was not powerful enough to go fishing there.
Keeping claiming this and that that doesnot add up.

You can go check historical documents or Wiki, you will know the truth. There was one guy from Vietnam once arguing with me, which ended up his losing.

This place is for people who want to learn languages. You can keep those words to yourself.


The party named “Guomingdang” traces its ideological and organizational roots to the work of Sun Yat-sen, and was established in Beijing in 1912.