I am a Biginner

I am a biginner in english. Learn in lingQ is speen simple and very interesting.
I look contents very cool and the people is very nice.
Now! I’m biginning to forum , an I hope very use he, for comunication, in english and italian.

romario, eu sei pouco de inglês, mas eu sei que você não pode se referir ao fórum como HE, pq he/she é só pra pessoas, você deve referir ao fórum como IT que se refere a objetos e animais

boa sorte
estou aprendendo espanhol aqui e gostando muito

You made lots of basic grammatical mistakes.

I’d suggest you to read easy materials for the time being probably graded readers or short easy articles.

Please concentrate on sentence structures and pay close attention to them. This way reading is slow but you will get a lot from it in terms of copying grammar structures.

You should not worry about producing anything in the language. Please spend more time on listening and reading activities.