Hyphens and parentheses in imported texts

This is an issue in the new reader that really is becoming somewhat irksome for me. An extra space is inserted into hyphenated words. It’s annoying but not a huge problem w/ well-known words such as circled in red in this clip. But with the unfamiliar it’s not readily apparent whether the spacing was put there by the author or by Lingq’s software. There also seem to be issues with spacing around parentheses.

I imported this by copy-and-paste from a plain text version of an e-book. Here’s one of the sentences pasted directly from the source text:

Не то чтобы в это не верится (во что только я после разморозки не поверил!) – со мной как-то это плохо сочетается.

Hi Khardy,
Sorry about that, we are already familiar with that problem and we’ll do our best to find solution for it as soon as possible.