Hungarian question

Is this the best place to ask a Hungarian language question, given that Hungarian is only in beta and there isn’t a specific Hungarian language forum?

On spec I’ll ask. What role does the word “méghozzá” play in the paragraph below? What does it mean? It doesn’t appear in wiktionary, nor in Hungarian language dictionaries and google translate appears to pretty well ignore it (i.e. translate the sentence as though this word didn’t appear)

“Gizella ugyanis nem szinkronszínész, hanem könyvtáros. Méghozzá elégedett könyvtáros, aki olvasni nagyon szeret, beszélni viszont nem. Ezért nem volt még sem a rádióban, sem a televízióban, sem más médiában, pedig nagyon intelligens.”

Hi - the word means “moreover”. The first two sentences translate: “Gisella is actually not a dubbing actor/actress but a librarian. Moreover, she’s a satisfied librarian, who very much likes to read, but not to speak…”

Cool, thanks! The word doesn’t appear in the two dictionaries I use most often though I guess I could have searched further. Anyway, köszönöm a segítséget!

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