Hungarian now in beta! Bugs and fixes

Hi LingQ team - thank you so much for releasing the first ten mini-stories in Hungarian. I have just sped through them with great pleasure.

Just to let you know, there were very many instances of missing spaces in the text (especially between the personal names of characters and adjacent words) which I have corrected. Might a technical issue have caused the missing spaces?

I also spotted a couple of misspellings (*lefekteteik instead of lefektetik, *ezetek instead of ezeket) which I have also corrected.

Will you be releasing the remaining Mini-stories in stages? If so, it might be worth keeping an eye out for the missing spaces problem. I’m happy to carry on correcting them but it might be better if a Hungarian speaker could double-check the texts prior to publication?

Many thanks again, and congratulations to the translator(s) and voice artist for doing a really good job.


Super cool that Hungarian is now on Lingq. Now I can finally decode all those AWS songs I listen to :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Hope you will enjoy it!
We have all 60 Mini Stories done in Hungarian and all 60 will be up soon. I’ll make sure to double check them for errors, and you are of course welcome to fix if you notice any error after they are imported.


Many thanks Zoran. A couple of extra requests please:

  1. the Glosbe dictionary appears not to be configured correctly - the URL of the page comes up as "". The two-digit language codes hu and en need to be inserted between the forward slashes, so it should read: " ember in English - Hungarian-English Dictionary | Glosbe".

  2. Can I suggest a couple of extra news sites for the news feed?


Híradó, the news website of the official public broadcaster:

Thanks again


Well done, LingQ team!


Thanks @glossboss! The Glosbe dictionary is now fixed and I added both news sites you suggested. Enjoy!

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Wow, huge thanks for doing that so quickly Zoran - you’re an absolute star!

Nagyon szépen köszönöm / много вам хвала


@glossboss I listen to infostart radio. Is there a way to connect the radio audio with the written news?

@zoran How do we fix errors?
Story 5, question 8
Spellings error (“a” not “az” házifeladatát)


Hi @DocT, Infostart/Inforádió attaches MP3 audio files to a handful of news articles each day, these can be found here:

Inforádió archívum - összes audio

They don’t seem to do this systematically though, which is annoying! I often hear a news report on Inforádió, go to look for the corresponding article on Infostart, and find that the audio isn’t there.

Also, the article is rarely an exact verbatim rendering of the audio. Sometimes it’s quite different, for example:

I don’t know if it would be useful for LingQ to systematically upload the audio of a news article, as the differences between the text and the audio may confuse people.

Well spotted! I’ve just corrected it.

To edit lessons, on the browser version of the website, hover your cursor over the three dots in the top right corner, select Edit Lesson, make the change, then click Save and Open to re-open the lesson and see your changes.

Hi Zoran - when do you plan to upload the next batch of Hungarian mini-stories please?

Thanks again

Will be more during the weekend! Probably all 60 will be up + lot more in some other languages.


The flag looks strange on top of the Hungarian page.

It does look strange, thanks. We will fix that.


Due to some split problems in Hungarian stories 11-20 I have, I continued with uploading stories 20+.
Stories 11-20 will be added bit later, I need to find someone to go through them and re-split them properly first, since I can’t speak Hungarian at all.

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Have all of the Hungarian mini stories been uploaded? There are only 19 stories on my account.

Will be more this weekend + Croatian Mini Stories will finally go up too.


Okay. I thought it was just a problem on my end.

When will you be adding more Hungarian minI-Stories? There are still only 19 mini-stories uploaded.