Hungarian language

I have accidentally found interesting video about Hungarian language. Hungarian language Part 1: Origin - YouTube

Such videos seem to be popular. That is, videos full of inconsistencies, speculation and factual errors.

Could you show me the errors in this video? I am interested in it.

The first error is that such videos are made by people who don’t have a clue about anything they are talking about. They read the documents written by others who also have no clue. The whole Hungarian language origin discussion has been done to death in various places and, to be frank, I haven’t got any damn time for another one.

Hungarian is a Fino-Ugric language and is not related to Sumerian, Celtic, Scythian or Etruscan. That’s all which needs to be said.

Thank you. I have to read wikipedia more.

There’s nothing wrong with having theories and amateurs have come up with breakthroughs which professional scholars have overlooked, but the process has got to be backed up with solid evidence and good methods. With these types of claims, neither is present.

Hello everybody,

im new here but i have a question to ask, I have to write an essay on how English influences Hungarian. Could the Hungarians tell me their experiences with English? Where do you meet English in Hungary/Hungarian? I created a small survey, maybe you could fill it in? It would help me a lot!
And maybe you could give some examples of words that arrived from English but are now changed according to Hungarian spelling?

Thanks in advance!

Here the survey: