Hungarian language learning

I just want ask how many people are interested in Hungarian language learning here :slight_smile: I’m just curious because i have never found normally lessons on internet to learn this language.It’s sad cuz it’s my native language.

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I am interested ! And you’re right ,there’s not too many resources on the internet for learning this beautiful language .

yes! :-S I thought I’ll try to make a blog about Hungarian language :slight_smile: but I don’t know how many people would love to study this language because it’s not a world language.Perhaps I’ll make a blog and I’ll see it works or not.I don’t know yet.

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I’ve started to learn Hungarian some months ago, at a very slow pace, though. I use a textbook which is something I always do to understand the basics of a language. There are also these sites: KaleidoVox and However, I really hope that Hungarian will be included here at LingQ soon. That would be perfect. Well, and at least among language enthusiasts, Hungarian seems to be quite a popular language.

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Yes I really want to learn Hungarian but the present lack of resources and its unavailability on LingQ are both factors putting me off. Until that changes, I’d rather concentrate on German and Chinese, for which I have plenty of material!

Szia! Magyarul tanulok!Tetszik a magyar nyelv, szép van :slight_smile:

I have a couple of resources for it, all of the ones I have are great! Plus, it helps my bestfriend is Hungarian :slight_smile:

Yes! I understand! Maybe I will start to make a blog really, if there is need ! :smiley: I want to help for those who learn or want to learn in Hungarian. :slight_smile:

I believe there is chance for us considering that here on Lingq dead languages like Latin or an artificial language like Esperanto are available and people have taken interest in learning them , so why wouldn’t there be a chance for a language that is more spoken than Hebrew,Norwegian and Czech .

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Yes, MADARA, like the Hindi language. To me, Hungarian sounds pretty cool. :slight_smile:

We should also try and convince our Facebook friends to vote for Hungarian .

I can advise one via Skype from home. See details: