Hungarian coming soon?

Hello team

I think that Steve mentioned in passing during one of his recent 90-day-challenge videos (I can’t recall which one) that work is under way to add Hungarian to LingQ - this was music to my ears! I’m already quite an intensive user but if/when Hungarian comes onstream I imagine I’ll be on the site pretty much all the time!

Can you confirm whether this is the case and how far this has progressed - e.g. do you have someone to translate the mini-stories into Hungarian?

Looking forward to it! Many thanks, köszönöm szépen


So far we have 10 Mini Stories translated and recorded into Hungarian. Hopefully it won’t take too long to have other 50 stories done. :slight_smile:


Great! Many thanks for the update. Really excited to learn Hungarian through LingQ. Please pass my thanks to the translator(s)!

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Yes me too. I would really love Hungarian

I am really looking forward to Hungarian being available!


Yes me too! Hungarian is a really unique and interesting language, and I would love to spend some time learning it, and see more of what it is like.


Hi Zoran,
If Vietnamese is in the plan of Steve, how is the progress with the mini stories to that language? (Hungarian I speak already :slight_smile: )

I would love to have Hungarian here too! I’m not completly sure yet, but I think that’ll be my next language. I’ve been studying Esperanto for the last months and I’m love with all those posibilities offered by the use of prefixes/sufixes. So Hungarian would probably be very interesting for me because it takes that system to another level.

Could Steve or anybody else from LingQ tell us when they are planning to offer a beta version for this language?

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Sorry but we’re not doing great with Vietnamese so far. :frowning:

Volunteer working on Hungarian Mini Stories said that all translations are done and he is working on audio recordings now. He said he expect to have them all done until the end of July. In that case, I expect we can have the language up on the site in August.


Thank you for this update Zoran. I am very much looking forward to August!

I have two questions in preparation for the launch of Hungarian on the site:

  1. What is the best way to notify you of any errors we may spot in the mini-stories?

  2. Have you selected any Hungarian news websites for the news feed? If not, may I suggest Infostart?

Most Hungarian news media is very strongly biased for or against the government (which I don’t mind either way as long as the content is in Hungarian), but Infostart appears to be the closest thing to unbiased/neutral news media in the country, and their articles are generally quite interesting and of an appropriate level/length for learners.

Another suggestion: Híradó, the news website of the official state broadcaster:

Thanks again


Thanks for your suggestions, glossboss. I try to keep this in mind, but just in case when Hungarian is up, feel free to remind me about this news websites. I’ll gladly add them all. :slight_smile:
Regarding text errors, you can just contact me on my email and I will fix them. No problem with that.

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I’m impatiently waiting for Hungarian. Thanks for that. Do you need any “beta testers”? I am learning the language and my wife is Hungarian.

We don’t need testers at the moment, but good news are that Hungarian is getting closer to Beta!


tuzogep, If Hungarian is your native language, would you be willing to volunteer your time, knowledge, and natural skill to translating and recording “Who is She” and some other content?

DocT, Yes, I’m thinking of helping in the translation, but I’m not getting answers about the details from Zoran or Steve. LingQ is not a good platform for messaging :frowning:

@tuzogep Sorry about that, but where did you messaged me? I do reply on all emails on both support and my personal email within the same day. Can you please message me again on zoran(at) and I’ll make sure you get all details you need right away. Thanks!

Csibesz, will your wife volunteer to translate and/or record Hungarian content? “Who is She,” also needs to be translated and recorded, but that requires a male and female native speaker.

@Zoran: I had messaged you on your page in a private message. Now I have sent you an email as well, check it out!
Btw I sent an email to the support address a few months ago. Can you please take a look at it again? The subject was:
The Linguist in German - issues


Thanks, I replied on your mini stories related email.
However I can’t find that email in support inbox, strange. If you can send it again, that would be great.

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