Huge Problem :S

I just came on Lingq after a few days break, and the first thing I noticed was that there was an ad telling me I have to upgrade if I wanted unlimited Lingqs. There is no way to remove this ad, and it is preventing me from viewing the definitions of new words. I’m wondering if I have to upgrade now just to use the basic features, or is there a way to get around this.


U have to delete ur lingqs, so that u can use this feature.

Sounds like it’s time to upgrade!

I have 90 lingqs only, it won’t even let me see the definitions.

By the way, I’m upgrading soon during the summer, but I’m really keen to continue using the basic features!


"I have 90 lingqs only … but I’m really keen to continue using the basic features!

Grandpa Steve knew that. He drastically reduced the free lingq limit to 20 while you were away so you are really keen to upgrade.

There is nothing condescending about it. I suggest you read his profile one more time.

That’s because you are not here long enough.

There was a post in the Ask Steve forum in which both he and I used this term.

@Julz611: TroisRoyaumes always refers to Steve as 'Grandpa Steve’, which carries no negative connotation whatsoever.

No problem.

I declare each and every one above in this thread a nice person. LOL


I will let Alex or Mark reply on the question of the ad blocking the definition. I just don’t know and am sitting in a hotel room in Romania.

However, I suggest you just get your friends to join and you can increase your free LingQs by 20 for each sign up, to a total of 500 free LingQs.

ok merci TroisRoyaumes, j’ai resolvé tous mes problemes, alors je pourrai continuer avec mes études :slight_smile:

As for “Grandpa”, I have been called worse on the Internet. I also very much appreciate the all too rare appearances here by TroisRoyamues.