How's the things with you?

A: How are you? What’s up?
B: Nothing much. How’s things with you?
A: Good.

I’d like to know if the sentence “how’s things with you?” is correct?
Can I say “how are things with you?” Does it sound weird?
Thank you!

the sentence “how’s things with you” sounds more colloquial and might sound weird if a non-native speaker says it.

I would suggest that you say “How are things with you” because this first isn’t technically grammatically correct.


Agreed, you will here “How’s things with you?” a lot. I use it myself often.

However, I would stick with the uncontracted version: “How are things with you?”

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How’re things? This probably isn’t an official contraction of ‘how are’, but it is the way many native speakers would speak, and is perfectly acceptable for a learner of English.

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How are things with you ? / How’re things with you ?


How’s things with you ? / How’s things ?

All sound fine.

Native speaker or not, you should use the ones you want to use. It won’t sound weird. Not sure why people are suggesting it would. It would make you sound more authentic if anything.