How you should read paperback in your target language?

So I’m approximately around a almost full intermediate Chinese level? Idk say around Hsk 3 or so. And I’m down with the basics. And as for now what interest me most is grabbing a copy of A Chinese Paperback Novel! ( Which is one of my main reason for learning and picking up Chinese again)
Yeah, I know it’s gonna be so hard and demanding to have to look up most words and stuff but the thought of just staring at them makes me happy. And I think I’d be fun to look it up ( Through easy pleco) and maybe the process of studying one page a day? Idk. Just asking if it’s good to go for it now? Even without lingQ because the feeling of holding it in hand is more motivating than ebook.


My limited experience studying Norwegian (20 months, several hours a day) indicate that ANY exposure to a language is positive, particularly if it interests, excites or fascinates you. It has the potential for humbling you, but that’s useful in and of itself. The experience will be net positive.


Go for it I say. Worst thing that happens is you have a book you can’t read =). (but can always read later when you get better) If it’s a book that’s buyable on Amazon and particularly in “kindle” form, you could at least get a sample and see if it’s worth purchasing.

You do also have some automated options (I can’t vouch for how well they might work), but you could use something like google translate app and take a picture of the page (or use it’s “auto translate” feature) and then you have your native language translation when you need it.

There’s also translating “pens”. I have the NEWYES brand 16gb scanner reader pen.

You scan a word or text (even multiple lines) and get a translation. It works mostly pretty good once you get the hang of the angle and how far it sees at start and end. It’s a little clunky to use at times but mostly does the job if you don’t need to look up a lot. If your native language is English this is a decent option to use. There are other brands too so it’s not the only option.

As a more tactile idea…if the book is also available in your native language, you could also buy that to utilize if you want to dual read. At the very least, you could use it to keep yourself centered and engaged in the story if the Chinese version is proving too difficult to understand much of what’s going on.


I believe you have already written way more than one reason to buy whatever you want to…NOW! Just doooooooo it!



I suppose yeah​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears: That’s what I suppose I should do


funny enough, My reason for wanting to get one isn’t to read the novel and understand it all but to literally challenge myself to dive into more native Content and so whenever I look at a book full of words I don’t understand, I’m like…I want to know what it’s talking about…I want to study what these letters mean and be able to read it up… That’s basically one reason