How we learn languages - Maintaining your foreign languages

I’ve recently read a discussion in the forum about the maintaining or no maintaining our foreign languages.
I find this topic interesting for all learners of the foreign languages, that’s why I wrote an article with my thoughts amd my experience of it and Richard Coombes helped me with the translation into English.
Here is the link to this article - MAINTAINING YOUR FOREIGN LANGUAGES:


Thanks for this, Evgueny. Your account of your childhood experiences and heritage made it fascinating reading! By the way, my ancestors emigrated from Prussia to Australia in the 1800s :grin:


Thanks for covering the subject, it was a pleasurable read!

Thanks! This is something that I worry about sometimes

Here is a new podcast about my methods of studying languages -
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In good time! I was just talking to my wife about my current problem with languages. I speak natively Spanish, English since I live in US, Polish since I am married to Polish. I would guess that I would be something like B1 in Polish and I still struggle with the news and movies in Polish. I began French 8 months ago and I am really enjoying the journey.

We discussed about placing Polish into maintenance and having French as a main study language. Maybe I just read and listen TED talks/podcast in Polish would be enough for a long while.

No need to do anything with English or Spanish. They are pretty healthy.

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Here is my new English podcast about the methods of learning foreign languages.
It’s my conversation with Richard who tells about SPEAKING AND LISTENING from his own experience.
I believe that it’s quite interesting and very useful for all people who study foreign languages.
And here’s the link to the podcast SPEAKING AND LISTENING from my course HOW WE LEARN LANGUAGES:


Here is my new interview with Richard about THE MAIN PRINCIPLES OF LANGUAGE STUDY from my course HOW WE LEARN LANGUAGES:

I continue my serial of conversations with Richard Coombes from England about learning languages.
Our new conversation about OVERCOMING DIFFICULTIES during language study can be interesting for all language learners: