How we are illogical or superstitious!

The year of the horse has ended and this year is called “the year of the sheep” according to the Chinese zodiac.
A newspaper article reported that some Chinese people believe that “only one out of ten sheep people can find happiness in their lives.” I am not Chinese, but I know that I belong to the cow people. I read somewhere that cow people are “bright and patient.” “They do not mind being alone, . . .” I could not possibly comment about my “brightness,” but I illogically feel that the other things are true. Please don’t breathe a word about this because I don’t want to be regarded as an illogical person.

For China’s birthrate, this may be a bad sign

Breathe —> breathe a word about this

Why should we not hold our breath?

Am I right in thinking that If you hold your breath, you will die before experiencing what you have expected to happen?

I don’t think it is actually possible to kill yourself by holding your breath. I guess once you pass out, you will start breathing again automatically.

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Year of the Goat/antelope/sheep/gazelle/random-horned-ruminant/羊 is really considered unhappy?

Gotta love Chinese.

Official population stats will never clearly state it, but the likelihood that all this stuff influences birth rates is pretty illogical?

Please don’t give it a try!

I tried holding my breath, but I couldn’t breathe…

Breathe a word

Mum’s the word!

Until I wrote my post 20 hours and 43 minutes ago, the fact that the word is spelled with an e on the end was not part of my active knowledge of English. I originally wrote “I tried holding my breath, but I couldn’t breath…”, but then I felt that it looked kinda funny, so I gegoogelt the final word and realised that I need the final e.

Hehehehehe, so two guys are eating a clown. One guy turns to the other and asks “does this taste kinda funny to you?”

Was ist denn hier los? Seid ihr verrückt geworden?

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Millions of people in the west believe in horoscopes. It’s not a Chinese thing.

I agree.

Hmm I guess this is why I never liked clowns? He said “I don’t know man, she kinda Funny,you know? I said " I know everybody Funny,now you funny too” The song is One Bourbon,one scotch,one beer." Its odd that a word for humurous would morph into a word for Odd or off tasting,don’t you think?