How users are using LingQ

We have had zoom calls in the past where a user would explain how they use LingQ. In particular, there was an interesting call with Noxialisrex on September 22, 2021 that was quite helpful. I would like to review it again. Was that zoom session recorded? And, if so, is it available on the LingQ site so it can be re-viewed? Thanks


The video:

The accompanying Q&A thread:



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Heisann! Hvis du har noe som du vil spørre meg eller snakke med meg om, er jeg her :). Vi kan selfølgelig på norsk eller engelsk. Det spiller ingen rolle til meg.

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Thanks Toby. I do have a question. When you were listening and reading at the same time, what did you use to listen to the audiobook? I know that some of the Norwegian book sellers have their own audiobook players, Apple has their Books app (which replaced ITunes), etc. I would guess that you were not able to add the audio file to the LingQ file, so I assume that you needed two sources to listen and read. Thx.

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That depends on where I got the audiobook. For norsk it would be as follows.

Note that I only use a mobile device/tablet to play audiobooks, I might cast them to a Google Home or Chromecast, but they are being controlled from my phone.

If I buy it in on, then I use an app called Smart Audiobook Player.

I used Audible in the beginning for the Harry Potter books. Audible does not have much else på norsk.

Now I use almost exclusively Nextory, an audible-like service, except you cannot buy the books. I have tried Bookbeat, and may try it again, still debating there. Storytel will not take my money so I have never tried Storytel.

The selection I have seen with things like Premium looks lacking so I have not tried that.

Nextory and Bookbeat (and Storytel) have ebooks and audiobooks. Though the ebooks can only be read in the app, and one can only do both samtidig with multiple devices.

I was buying both on before, but did the math and an unlimited service like Nextory just made way more sense.