How to visualize all resources previously uploaded?

Hi All,

I cannot see any more the resources previously uploaded…pdf files mainly.
I have been looking for a secret button but I cannot find anything when I am within a lesson.

Could you please help?



Hi fabio_baraldi,

Not all lessons have the full translation and video resources available, but the ones that do, will have icons under the lesson title.

Thx Kiran but my question was referring to “Imported/Created” lessons from myself.
In all the 4 “view modes”, I cannot see any button to access the resources previously uploaded by myself (mainly PDF or text translations). The layout of the interface changed in the last year :-(…before they were immediately reachable with a click of a mouse.

When I “edit” the lesson, then I can still see them there (so they are not "“lost”)…but they are not accessible in any view mode, apparently.

Could you help?

I see. You mean that you want to see the stuff you have attached to lessons that you have uploaded, such as lesson notes, translations, videos…

I have had a look at the lesson page and it seems you are right. These things appear not to be accessible anymore which is very strange. The last update simplified the page a lot, and it looks like this stuff has been removed from the page. Maybe they plan to put it back in the near future.

Thx…I hope the IT team will work on that one…
Old layout was better for this point of view.

@fabio_baraldi: Sorry, but we no longer support attachments. You can add your attachment content as a note, video, translation, and/or exercise which will show as icons under the lesson name.

@ColinJohnstone: All the lessons that have notes, videos, translations, and exercises will have the icons visible. Remember to switch to “Auto Mode” so you can see the info on the panel to the right.

Note: When adding a something in the resources tab during creating/importing a lesson remember to return to the “Basic Info” tab and save your lesson. That way the note, video, translation, and/or exercise icons will be visible and available to use.

We are working on making the notes, videos, translations, and exercises be available to use in Hover Mode. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: