How to view Russian state-sponsored media

How can I view state-sponsored Russian Media now - particularly video?

I am not happy that YouTube is blocking state-sponsored Russian media. Obviously their news and opinions are propaganda and I in no way support their aggression anywhere. However, their channels had many cultural items of interest. It was like being able to visit Russia in person – which I can now never consider doing.

And I have my own personal mental filters. I have to apply those filters to a lot of US media too - state-sponsored or not!


By simply typing in “Russian media” into my Brave browser at least a dozen items popped up. I suppose with adequate diging you can determine if such media is “state-sponsored” or not, or if it matters for your purposes. I bet Lee Merritt MD knows. However, she is super busy and I don’t know if she has someone assisting her in her reply to inquireis. On her Telegram (Lee Merritt MD: FreedomDoc1 – Telegram) she often posts text and video in Russian, plus outside of Telegram she is reading from Russian various Russian sources. This is her contact page on her website. The Medical Rebel And of course currently Brighteon, Bitchute, Odysee, and Rumble may be less censored than Youtube when it comes to video content in general. Best wishes in your quest, Vern.

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I would guess you can find RT on rumble still


I’m beginning to see that it’s better to search for ВГТРК (Всероссийская государственная телевизионная и радиовещательная компания - All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company). That’s what I’m looking for.

And it seems that YouTube may be inconsistent in what it’s blocking and when - or Russian is learning quickly to work around it.

It seems the silliness of woke patrol has come to LingQ because when somebody else asked before in another thread where to see news from Russia, I also mentioned RT and for some obscure reason my post was flagged and removed. I think the other one was The Moscow Times and BBC in Russian, which could be considered the most “normie” one.

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Do you mean RT is blocked in your country? I can normally access here in Japan and select the Russian channel.


It’s a YouTube thing. YouTube is blocking it.

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