How to use the writing exchange correctly?

how do you practice writing? my writing is horrible, I already tried to write here on LingQ but I don’t know what to do with the feedback, I usually study it and write it all over again according to the feedback.


To be honest, the writing exchange here is just a sort of practice that you do. I take it that way. You focus on what you can and you see some mistake here and there.

When you want to seriously practice writing you need to upgrade to something a bit different, like a tutor or something. Where you have a teacher that not only correct your text but also give you some feedback on why you did those mistakes.

The reason is that for really learning something from the exchange it would be useful to have some written feedback on the mistakes we make.

At least 1 feedback would be useful so that you can learn grammar and rules by every correction. But it’s done for free so it’s a blessing that people dedicate time for it.


There are some platforms to improve your writing, you can even learn grammar rules.
For English you can use Grammarly
For German you can use the rechtschreibpruefung by Duden Rechtschreibprüfung online ✒️ Duden Textprüfung

For other languages you have to search.


I’ve personally just been using it to try and get more output. I have no idea how others use it…

What I’m doing is I’ll think of something I want to write about…Maybe an interesting trip or day. I’ll TRY to write something in some form using words I know. If I don’t know the words or how to structure a sentence I’ll use deepl or google translate to help me come up with a sentence. If I’m not sure of the sentence I created (if I formed it wholly from my own knowledge) then I’ll put my native language form into deepl or google translate and see what it spits out and how it compares. I may then adjust what I wrote (or not).

So I work it out best I can. Then I post it on the exchange for feedback. That way one can see how a native or proficient speaker might formulate the sentence. In many languages there are special ways of saying things that may not really make sense in your own native language as a direct translation so it’s important to become acquainted with these phrases. Sometimes Deepl or google translate will get these correct, but sometimes not.

I don’t know if this is the best way to work on this, but I think it should help me get acquainted with words and phrases that I can use in my active vocabulary on topics that relate to ME. Ones that I might use if someone was asking me questions about my day, or a trip or something that has happened to me.

Now, if I just had more time to actually do this…


I didn’t know the Duden’s one, thanks.

I use also these that are similar (and for different languages):


The writing exchange is a tool that allows writers to share their work with others. It’s a great way to get feedback on your work and help you improve.

Then I think you are using the writing exchange in the correct way. Well done. But like others have commented here, don’t make it your only way of practicing if you want to get good at writing.

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Writing Exchange are great ways to improve your writing skills while connecting to like-minded writers. Depending on the platform you are using, you may have access to a library of resources to help you write better papers, collaborate with other essay writer in a chatroom, and even receive feedback from experienced editors. There is definitely value in leveraging these tools for those who are looking for guidance and support as they pursue better writing skills. Best of luck with your writing journey!

That’s right, it really helps to improve your writing skills. For a long time I asked writers to write my essay for me WriteMyEssayOnline since I could not manage to write on my own. I also communicated with many writers and gained experience. Which has helped me a lot overall.

At this point, ChatGPT is a better writing exchange partner.

I practice writing by setting aside dedicated time each day to write. I find a quiet and comfortable space where I can focus and avoid distractions. I start by brainstorming ideas or outlining my thoughts before diving into the actual writing. I make sure to have a clear goal or purpose for each content creation, whether it’s to work on a specific project or simply to practice my skills. I also find it helpful to read and study the works of other writers to learn from their techniques and styles. Additionally, I seek feedback from trusted peers or mentors to improve my writing. Overall, consistent practice, discipline, and a commitment to learning and growth are key to honing my writing skills.

Using a writing exchange effectively involves giving and receiving constructive feedback. Respectfully critique others’ work, highlighting strengths and suggesting improvements. Be open to receiving feedback on your writing, fostering a collaborative and learning-oriented environment for growth and skill enhancement. you can also hire a ghostwriter to enhance your manuscript.