How to Use SRS in LingQ

These are the ways I know how to use SRS in LingQ:

  • Go to the vocabulary page and click the review button to review a chunk of LingQs in alphabetical order
  • Wait for a notification to appear with a list of LingQs to review

What I can’t do

  • Review a non-alphabetized LingQs on command
  • Haven’t had any success with exporting LingQs as an Anki deck

For example, right now I want to review LingQs, but there isn’t a notification (not sure what time that appears). So, my only option is alphabetized LingQs which is not very useful.

Any help would be appreciated.


Under the Filters on the Vocabulary tab you can change the Sort By from A-Z to other avail
You can also use other available filters to list LingQs you are interested in reviewing.

Regarding the Anki file, are you saying that you aren’t receiving email after you request it?

This should be bumped up. I never bothered to look through that. This is a great resource now I can review whole words that I am trying to learn with my Netflix videos. This would be a great video for new people.

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Hi colorlace, there is some more you can do.

It’s possible to review the LingQs that appear in a specific lesson. Go to the lesson page and click on “review LinQs”. It’s a good idea doing this before you actually start working on that lesson.

As Zoran said, you can use filters.
For example, you can tag your LingQs. I am studying modern Greek at LingQ, a language with lots of verb forms. When I see a new verb, I don’t only add a LingQ for the verb form it appears in in my lesson but also another LingQ for the basic form of the verb (1st person singular, present tense). The latter I tag as such.
I can use these tags to focus on studying verb forms, because it’s more efficient to learn the basic forms. Another example is adverbs. I tend to mix up the adverbs in Greek, especially adverbs of time, so by tagging them I can practice these adverbs specifically.
When I have some time to kill, I take the app and I skip through the “LingQs of the day”

In general, I don’t focus on SRS, but I use it from time to time mostly reviewing status 2-3 LingQs (standard and reversed mode).

I tried exporting to memrise, but it’s a lot of unpleasant work so I don’t do it regularly.

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