How to use Netflix on LingQ

Hey, I’ve started learning spanish again after a 4 year break and I’m wondering what you think about learning with Netflix movies or series. On the one hand I believe it is quite cool to learn with great content, on the other hand I’m not sure how to do it efficiently. Do you watch a movie before and go through the transcript afterwards? Do you watch it in a language you understand first (in my case German and English) and then in the language you learn (e.g. spanish)?
What are your thougts about it? Can you even recommend learning with Netflix?
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


I’m no expert or anything but I pretty much strictly read Netflix content and I do it if’s a difficult reading for me I watch before which helps a lot or if its on a weird topic. You don’t have audio but in sentence mode you can use text to speech which is useful to hear how words are said. But yeah it’s great content and you will be used to hearing native level vocab/syntax. Also one hard part is without visuals you miss some stuff so its especially helpful if you have seen it cause the scenes kind of pop in your head as you read.

How does this thing work? Is there an introductory video for this? For example, how to import movie/TV transcript into lingq system?

There is a youtube video heres the link: Language Learning with Netflix and LingQ - YouTube Be careful when you upload you are sending it to the right folder but yeah netflix content is great as long as you are engaging with the language you will learn. Hope this helps!

Hi TanteDante13, I don’t use Netflix per se as learning source for a new a language. Neverthelesse I enjoy rewatching series or films I am familiar with in another language. I will start learning spanish too and therefore I am rewatching Modern Family in spanish to get to know the “Sound” and the pronunciation of this language. :slight_smile:

You can use the picture-in-picture feature of the browser (firefox in my case) to watch the movie and look up words in LingQ at the same time.

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I’m just going to jump in here as I was wondering if anyone has managed to rip the audio for Netflix!? For Spanish for example with RTVE LingQ can take and organise the audio too which is brilliant! I wish it could do the same for Netflix!


You can use LearninLanguagesWithNetflix, is free app, only work with Chrome in PC

It is very goog app, also work with youtube.

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Thanks Marco I will take a look at this!

I use it for make imitation of pronunciation in english, is very good exercice for me, and with this app I can down speed an repeat many times. It is good idea found scenes of film with good actors voices and articulation. I learn much hearing for example to Ian mcallen (Gandalf) or Liam Neeson. I hope that serve you my recomendation.
Sorry for my mistakes in writting and expression, I try to writte without traslate google, it is goog for my training in english.