How to use mañana?

How to use mañana if it both means “tomorrow” and “morning”?

I’m no expert but usually context also in the morning and tomorrow are kind of the same thing.
Example: I will deal with it tomorrow and I will deal with it in the morning
or both together I will deal with it tomorrow in the morning which is just “manana en la manana.”
also morning is usually en la manana or something like that similar to English.

“En la manana” is more specific than “por la manana”. They both mean the same thing.

From context. Your link actually provides some pretty clear explanations…There are certain word groupings that tend to apply more to one meaning than the other. i.e. if one says simply “mañana”, then they mean tomorrow. You wouldn’t typically say “morning” on its own. You typically would say “in the morning”. The phrases “en la mañana” and “de la mañana” and “por la mañana” represent that or . If it still isn’t clear from a conversational standpoint, the other person can always ask.

Yeah. Clarification is a good idea. Sometimes, context is not always so clear. It just takes practice and exposure. Thank you for your feedback.