How to use lingq?

I am running into the problem that I don’t know how to properly use Lingq. I understand how it works from a technical point of view, but I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing during lessons. Should I just listen, then read? Read and listen at the same time? How often should I review older lessons? How many times should I listen to a lesson in one sitting? Things like this I am having trouble figuring out.

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Different people have different strategies, so you have to find what works best for you.

Personally, I prefer listening and then reading, rather than doing it at the same time, although if you have a very low level in your target language, you might want to do both at the same time.

You should review older lessons as long as you’re finding them interesting and getting things out of them. In more tangible terms, this might mean listening/reading 3-5 times but it obviously depends.

Overall, I would approach a lesson something like this: listen once, then read immediately or soon after, picking up things you missed while listening. Then listen for a second time immediately/soon after to catch the things you missed the first time but got upon reading. At this stage you’re still really listening for comprehension. Then over the next few days, listen and/or read a few more times, going beyond mere comprehension now and listening for pronunciation, ‘use of the language’, consolidating the things that were new when you started the lesson, etc.

Good luck!


Yeah, people do things differently. Do what you feel like and have time for.

For me, if I have time, I read, read, read. that’s where you actually learn the words because you can look them up with LingQ right then and there. Listening is good so you can 1) learn how words are pronounced (and thus retain them better when reading) and 2) better associate what words sound like so you can improve your listening comprehension.

Personally, I find it more helpful to listen after I have read and looked up the words and can more or less understand what is being talked about. If I can read and listen at the same time, great. For me, listening away from the text is something I do only if I know the text really well (from lots of reading) or I just don’t have time/ability to do anything else, eg I’m driving and obviously can’t concentrate on reading.