How to Use LingQ Premium for "Free"

Hello Everyone,

With a little bit of extra work, you can get LingQ premium without paying a dime! All you have to do is first earn points and then exchange those points for either cash or a premium LingQ account (as long as you meet the required amount of points)

What do I need points for?

Here are two ways to earn points:

  1. Referral Program LingQ Referral & Affiliate Program

For every premium user you refer to LingQ, you receive a 20% commission on their lifetime spend. If you refer 5 monthly premium users, you’ve paid for your monthly subscription. As we continue to improve LingQ, we hope to make the referral process much smoother and easier for you to get other users onboard.

  1. Become a tutor Tutoring

If you become a tutor and charge $20/hour, after 6 lessons, you’ve made enough money to pay for an annual LingQ account (give or take a few dollars).

If anyone of you have comments/suggestions, please share. Good luck!


I just skip lunch once a month)


Yea, good point, or skip 2 coffees at starbucks and you can get LingQ! :slight_smile:


I am never surprized when some “user” wants something for nothing. Wonder if that person believes that “the dole” is an effective way to be supported in life. This person probably uses “free wifi” in a public library.
Steve should ban/block this person.


I took advantage of a promo code that gave me a month for a dollar. Towards the end of that month I was hooked


The original poster works at LingQ. He is drumming up business by encouraging people to refer their friends and / or to generate further revenue for the site by becoming a tutor. Steve is looking to grow the business, so I’m sure he won’t ban / block this person.


Not sure if this is directed towards me or this is a general statement. :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, not at you: at tmac100, who suggested that the OP should be banned!

Removed by tmac100…

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Oh yeah, because its sooo bad to use public wifi. Sheesh, maybe try climbing off that high horse.

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@Eric, could you elaborate more on how to spend my points on a monthly subscription? I can’t find an option for that.

Nice deal! The deals for LingQ have gotten better since I first started here. I remember when if you bought points, the would expire after a couple of months. Haha.

Hey Sergey!

Once you have a sufficient amount of points, email support and Zoran / LingQ will convert them into a membership.

10 000 Points = 100 USD

Please go here for more information: What do I need points for?

Your points balance can be found in your settings (desktop LingQ)


I know LingQ is very afordable, it’s my favorite method, but I can’t really afford it. It can be cheap in dollar, but not in my country money (Real), well, it’s still cheap, but not as dollar for example, and lately I’m unemployed and due the coronavirus I can’t find a job.
I’m also a student but I’ll try to find a job and save some money so I’ll be able to purchase the premium account :slight_smile: problably next semester.
LingQ is my favorite method and I think it’s super worth it!
I think the topic is also useful ^^


I can’t even use the methods(PayPal and Visa) of payment due to financial sanctions of my country let alone the amount of payment lol

There are free alternatives online. They do not come with ready-made translations done by the community though.

Step 1: Install Learning With Texts.
Step 2: Copy and download LingQ content.
Step 3: Put into Learning With Texts.
Step 4: Profit.

wow, thanks for it! Big up

I’m sorry to hear about people in other countries, like Iran, who can’t get premium Lingq. Is there anything we could do about that to make it easier for them?

Thank you! I really appreciate it. Becoming a Tutor sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll try it soon. I am a native German speaker and fluent in French. Therefore I could easily afford an annual account. :slight_smile: