How to use Audible Whispersync for Voice to learn language

Audible Whispersync for Voice offers a special experience combining listening and reading. If you want to learn the language, use Whispersync for Voice is one of the best methods to improve listening and reading at the same time.

Thx for this. The concept of reading on a Kindle (in French, for example), while listening to a matching (synced) audio narration is quite appealing.

However, it’s not clear (to me) how such titles might be sourced. For example, in the Amazon/Uk store. A search for [ Kindle books, Whispersync for Voice (French edition) ] produces zero relevant results. Likewise with many variations of similar & related search terms. Plus, it seems that their “advanced search” facility does not even include a language option.

Of course, using a store in a Francophone country could well produce much better results, but that introduces other account (& verification etc) difficulties. So, I’d be grateful for any corrections, suggestions & ideas ~ from those with more experience. I’m sure there’s a way, just don’t know what it is! / Thx.