How to turn off the annoying "how to use Lingq" bubbles

Been using Lingq for over a year. Suddenly every thing new I do, I get these annoying little blue “how to use lingq to do this” bubbles popping up. There seems to be no end to them and no settings I can ID to make them stop. It is very distracting when trying to study. What is the solution? Thanks!


Me too. I hate them. So annoying. I feel like jumping out of the web page.


I wish they were around when I started 6 years ago…
Obviously the info bubbles are being rolled out still, but each different type goes away if you click “got it!” They do appear again if you change devices; just rinse and repeat.
A lot of first-timers and newbies don’t know how to use lingQ, so I reckon it’s a good idea…
Mate, LingQ has improved in leaps and bounds over the years, and each time people complained when new changes were introduced. And then we got used to the changes, and enjoyed ourselves…


Im having the same problem. Do you guys use Safari? I don’t think I have had the problem on GoogleChrome.


I have Chrome and I have had this problem.


I have the same problem on GoogleChrome and not on Safari. Reported problem and got answer like he never heard this was an issue. But that was yesterday so will cut them some slack if they give us some way to easily turn this off.

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They are very distracting. I too would like them to stop.


They should give us at least a warning and a way to set them off. They are so disturbing to the reading flow. No excuse!


The site went down for a few minutes yesterday and when it came back online I was suddenly getting those bubbles. So it must have been something that got reset when they restarted everything

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Seriously, the LingQ team, you have to do something about this. I’ve been a subscriber for years now, but I’m going to stop it if you can’t do something about these popups.

Please tie them to my user account settings, and not to a cookie, because my browser erases all cookies after I close my browsers, for privacy reasons.


Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback. I’ll tell the LingQ crew about this…I too am looking for a way to turn them off :slight_smile:

The reason the notifications are there in the first place is because we want to make our onboarding for first time users as simple as possible and to help them understand how the platform works. Onboarding is a big project for us, apologies for the issues.

Edit - I’ve notified the development team - waiting for a response.


Originally it was just mild distraction on a couple of my devices… but this morning the bubble pop-ups went psycho ballistic on my new phone… Urggh


We can’t stay focussed on our learning because of that f… blue popups everytime. When I said “Got it” it shouldn’t show anymore.
If it’s because I erase my cookies everytime firefox is closed, I won’t change this for you. I will either unsubscribe if theses popups still appear.

Je suis très en colère après ces assistants bleus qui apparaissent tout le temps. Quand je lis un texte avec l’audio activé, ça me fait perdre le fil sans arrêt. Si ça n’est pas enlevé d’ici une semaine, je demanderai le remboursement des mois d’abonnement à venir car ça ne peut plus durer… car on ne prend plus aucun plaisir à utiliser LingQ.
Si c’est une fonctionnalité dépendante des cookies, ne pensez pas que je vais les réactiver par défaut pour vous !! Il y a trop de site qui abusent avec ces machins…


Is anyone paying attention to this at LingQ? Look at how many likes these posts are getting, people are getting very annoyed with the all the popups.

You currently have popups for:

  1. Power user webinars.
  2. Losing streaks notifications.
  3. Hitting your daily target.
  4. Doubling your daily target.

They’re annoying enough, and people been complaining about them for months (years?). But now, every time I connect, I have to be walked through a set of annoying blue popups explaining a service I’ve been a paying member for for the last three or four years.

It’s just too much, guys, seriously. When will this issue be addressed?


Yeah, I really wish that the hitting you daily target and doubling your daily target would be optional (let there be a box that you can click), it is a minor annoyance but still something that one would think there is a quick fix.


This definitely is the most annoying thing I have come accross on this site.

In every other program there usually is that option at the corner of the first pop up “don’t show me hints”. And I press those even if I don’t know how to use the program because they are damn annoying. If I have an issue I go to the help section either that or there should be a tutorial page with this crap, but not on the actual site! Hell, there is a video walk through.

Another thing that grinds my gears; the window when you have clicked a linq has a different size from the window that appears when you click a new word (or a word that I have learned). This means that the page jumps back and forth which is disorienting and annyoing. To stop this back and forth jumping I have to zoom out to 70% (I am using 1920x1080 resolution, I wonder what resolution this site is designed for).

The option to press X while reviewing (and skip to the text) also seems to be missing.


This seems to have just started, and it gets worse as the lesson goes on, and is usually fine for the beginning of the next lesson.

Hey Marc, I’ve sen you’ve posted on other threads in the meantime, but not on this one.

Does that mean these bubbles are here to stay indefinitely? They’re back and annoying me again today…


Hi Greg, we’re working on implementing a “switch off” button.