How to turn off pop ups about daily goals

Every time I log in and get started it keeps popping up with these annoying you’ve met XXX goal which are extremely difficult to close and extremely annoying. Is there a way to turn that stuff off? I have no need of points or goals or coins or anything of the sort. I just want to get on and try to read and learn without all this crap all over the screen popping up and getting in the way.

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You can disable these reminders at the bottom on the Notifications Settings page on the site:

If you disable that email reminder, it will disable repair popups on the site too.

When I go to the link you have and go to the bottom of the page, all of the check box’s are not checked but I still have a daily streak achieved, which I do not want to see, how do I disable? Right now I have it set at the highest goal to minimize how many times I see it.

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