How to turn off animations on Android

Hello, I am a heavy user of LingQ on Android, but lately a big issue for me is that I have started getting extreme motion sickness from using the Android app. I think it is caused by all of the side scrolling, zooming in/out, etc effects that are present in the app. I’d prefer if there were no animations at all, kind of like in Kindle when you flip to the next page and it just immediately switches to it, with no movement of text across the screen. I have already turned off animations in my Android settings but unfortunately LingQ doesn’t seem to respect that. There are tons of other bugs I could mention in the app (not to mention the mobile version of the site - for example I had to try 3 times to write this post because the editor completely breaks on Android), but this is the only thing that is starting to make the app completely unusable for me. Which is a shame because I like to read before bed and with a laptop that just isn’t doable.

Please let me know if there is any way to turn off animations, or whether this will be possible in the future.

It’s not possible to disable it at the moment. But what animations are you referring to when switching pages? What exactly you are annoyed with when paging?

It’s not that I’m annoyed, it’s that the animations are unfortunately making me physically ill. They look very sleek and aesthetically pleasing so if not for it triggering my motion sickness I wouldn’t mind. The animations that I frequently encounter are:

  • when paging to the next page of text, there is a sliding motion as the next page comes into view
  • when tapping a word to get its definition, the definition modal zooms into view
  • when going into a dictionary e.g. Jisho, the browser window slides into view, then slides back out again when going back to the text, which happens multiple times in a row to enter/exit all of the modals