How to take lessons with you on a camping trip?

I’m going on a campingtrip tomorrow. I have become addicted to learning with lingq, and if it’s rains it would be fun to sit inside and learn. But there is no internet there. Has anybody found a way to print the lessons in such a way that the blue, and orange stays around the words? If i copy it in word, or if i try to print it with my browser, the words have no color around them.

thanx for any ideas!

You could try either print screening the page and then open the page up as a picture and print that or the longer method method of just printing the page and then just using a highlighter pen to mark the words you do and don’t know (just copy them from the screen.) that’s what I have done for the last few weeks with my trip to Holland and Belgium :slight_smile: , use this to print screen all of the lesson at once, for long lessons. It’s so annoying to press printscreen a few times and then cut out the text and put everything together using ms paint… And with screengrab you can also immediately save the file instead of copy/pasting. An example of what you get when you use screengrab:
And of course you’ll get yellow lingqed words too, but I don’t have those ^^

Meiske, if you have a notebook and you want to bring it with you, then you can try to save the complete web page in your disk. The option is usually found at “Archive - Save as” in your web browser (for example Explorer). In this way, you could open web pages even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Psychedelica, interesting web and it seems very useful!

Maybe you could also take a break in learning and meet people in the camping who are native of your target and socialize with them.

Or if you do not want to stop learning you could try reading book or newspaper or listening to podcast or radio in your target - are you addicted to lingq or to language learning ?

If you are able to buy or borrow an ipod, ipad, or iphone, you can read all your lessons and see your yellow highlighted words and flashcards using the iLingQ iPhone app, even if you have no internet. I was just away without internet and found the app to work great and be very convenient.

I think the screengrabbing will work the best for me. But thanks to everyone for al the really good suggestions!

Thanks to my new skyphone I am never without internet now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s just sometimes very sloooooow…

Er…to answer the actual question, I have the audio of lessons on mp3 player and the transcripts in PDF form on my ebook reader. I have learned to live without knowing which words are blue and which are yellow. Yes, the cravings are dreadful, and I can’t wait to get back home to broadband access!

I am sitting in a tent in a farmer’s field as I write this.

On a camp I used my notebook with mobile internet connection (UMTS). There are everywhere mobile phone network in Europe.