How to take a break from LingQ without losing progress

I need to take a hiatus from LingQ (Japanese) for roughly 20 days. I’d like suggestions on what I can do in the meantime? And the reason for this is sinply that my tablet broke. I have other devices, yes, but LingQ runs slow on them or I find it difficult to use LingQ on those devices. I may use the crunhcyrool rooster extension on my laptop though as that does seem kind of fun and a bit more of a thing I can easily and passively do. I’m planning on reading Tae kims grammar guide. Steve kaufmans idea of no grammar/little grammar has sort of worked for me but there are some things I just can’t understand. If I read a grammar book, I’ll be more aware of things. The only other thing I can think of though is immersion and I’ll try to get at least 2hra done per day.


When i am very busy with other committments in life- life does come in the way. I have set a very low benchmark of meeting 60 coins to keep my streak intact. Usually that amounts to reading a short text or a couple of short texts which I can manage in a day. Hardly takes 15-20 minutes.

That is one solution until you gets a new tablet. Lowering your benchmark for meeting coins without losing your progress.


Does the Repair Streak feature work?

It seems so many people have to create topics so Zoran can go in fix their streaks manually.

BTW Create topic has been moved to an option below Open Draft and now I can’t create a new topic.

Which is why I’m mentioning it here.

“An error occurred: You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”

Does anyone else have this problem?

I was able to recover my streak multiple times lately. To me it works. I usually do it within a day, I don’t know if after more than 1 day you can still do it or not. It uses coins.


If only there were a way to tell how many coins we have, this would not be an issue.

I’m not sure if we can recover a streak if it is lost for more than one day. I doubt it. But I feel there should be a way to take a break for up to two weeks per year without losing a streak. Some of us take vacations to places where internet service is spotty or non-existent, while others live in places where internet service is poor, so I feel we need to be able to have a streak fixed if one of these issues is the case.

It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but in some cases where users are focused on streaks, it just makes LingQ into a chore rather than a fun thing to do every day. In some ways, I feel like we’d be better-served if streaks didn’t exist at all. As for me, I am 134 days into German and Spanish streaks, and I feel it hanging over my head every single day. I’ve considered just stopping, but at this point I feel that if I do that, I might just quit LingQ altogether.

LingQ is supposed to be fun, not a sword hanging over our necks. Please mods, give us a way to know how many coins we own, and give us a way to pause and restart a streak for up to two weeks per year. Surely these things are not much to ask.

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Try this in your browser, after replacing LANG with your language code, for example for japanese it is “ja”:

The second entry “coins” is your all time total number of coins.


Thanks for that. You literally just saved me from losing my Spanish streak tomorrow. I felt too tired to practice today (I was up playing The Sims all last night) and was going to let my German and Spanish practice slide, but then I fed your URL into my browser and found I had too few coins to repair my streak.

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A 20 day break from the language won’t result in much (if any) progress lost. It may even improve slightly.

If you can’t study on LingQ, because you don’t have a tablet, study on your laptop or read a grammar book or re-listen to podcasts on your phone or anything really. Dual subtitles on YouTube are my preferred way of studying these days, so it’s better with a larger screen like a laptop to use Language Reactor or @roosterburton’s Video Tools.


That is happening to me too. I get an error every time.

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