How to tag multiple lessons or an entire course

I would like to open up a course of nearly a hundred YouTube lessons to the public, but I need to set a skill level and tags for all these lessons individually. Is there a way to bulk edit lessons in the same course to have the same tagging? Requiring the user to select every single lesson in a group of a hundred lessons, set every tag one by one instead of a bulk tag entry, and manually select the skill level, seems excessive. I am hoping there is a better option for this that I have not yet found.

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You can add tags to a course on the Edit Course page, and they will apply to all lessons in the course too.

I don’t think this is true. When I add a new tag in the course edit nothing changes, no lesson gets the new tag. It has to be done the usual way with selecting the lessons and then multitag them. On the other hand is there any news on my request from many months ago that newly added lessons without tags get automatically the course tags? As someone who uploads lessons every day that would be a significant improvement. Even with the multi edit it’s time consuming.