How to sync your playlists from your computer software to your Ipad or Iphone application and vice versa

Hello Ladies & Gents! I was wondering if it was possible to sync playlists you created on your Computer’s LingQ to your lingQ application on your Iphone or Ipad! I guess it’s me just being lazy but I have to admit it does take a lot of time to create a new playlist and it’s way easier on a computer than on your iphone app so that would be awesome if LingQ provide with a way to synchronize playlists! Thanks for your replies! Have a good day!

The iLingQ app has no syncing capability. Yes, it’s a little bit tricky to always remember to add the audio to a playlist for offline playback.

You could use the iTunes playlist syncing instead. I only use the iLingQ app, most of the time I am online. It counts the number of listens, which can be useful.

Hello Keke! Smart move about using your LingQ only when you’re online that way the work you do counts on your statistics ;-). yeah I guess I’ll have to create my playlists on both my computer and my iphone! However the iphone app only show you that much lessons so it’s harder to create playlists from the app…

The app does support syncing of vocabulary changes (status, meaning and hint changes) and listening counts done offline. The next time you go online it should apply any changes back to the server.

I must admit the whole online/offline thing is very unclear and I never really know when or what is synced. But it seems to work for me most of the time. If a change isn’t synced, or a listen isn’t logged, I don’t worry.

What I like about the app is that it is always with me and is a quick way to review the most recent lessons. In that way it works well.

I was hoping someone else would share their strategies for playlist management…

Definitely agree on the app advantages! Really like it! Especailly the LingQ of the days :wink: where you received your 50 words to go over every day on your iphone ;-). Yes I would definitely like to hear any strategies on playlist management too!