How to Study Effectively - Steve Kaufmann

Reading is the killer app for learning languages, but also for learning other things. In order to study effectively, we need to work on our reading skills, and that means reading a lot. We should also take advantage of audio in order to ramp up our ability to absorb information from reading. This applies to language learning and learning other subjects as well.


Great video. Thanks for sharing, Zoran! Learning languages is an important thing. I want my kids to know as many languages as possible because it will be helpful for them in life.
Still, they have to be proficient in English first. I use to help them with their English lessons. It works because their grades are excellent.
I will start them in French or Spanish soon because I think they won’t have problems learning it. It’s good to do this while they’re young because it’s not easy to learn anything when you get older. After they master one of those languages, they may learn a third one.

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Thank you so much for sharing the videos. I always take away a few nuggets.

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