How to stop the system from highlighting words in your native language?

Can anyone share some insight on how to stop this? Basically, my preferred way to use Lingq is to import lots of sentences in Japanese with the English translation immediately next to it. However, the system is taking the English words and adding it to my Japanese stats. Also, I find it distracting. I’d prefer it if it’s unhighlighted.

Of course, I can hit ignore on each but that can be very time-consuming doing that for 60+ sentences at a time.

Would love to hear a solution, thank you.

You should not add the translation into the text. On the import page you should select the tab “Ressources”. Then choose “translations” and you native language and add the translation.

If you open the lesson you have the text in the foreign language on the left. And you can open the translation by clicking on the symbol above.

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Hi Inteeskimo,
Vera is right, do not add translation into the text, since system will consider all words from text as Japanese and that will mess up your stats.

Thank you!