How to Speak English Fluently

i’m elctrical engineer i learnt english everyday ,i watched movies in english subtitles english but i couldn not speak Fluently why ???

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I’m an Electrical Engineer. I learn English every day. I watch movies in English with English subtitles, but I can not speak fluently. Why?

Hi! I am a complete novice to language learning (3 months). I really admire people who have put so much effort into learning a foreign language. It seems like learning to a high level of proficiency requires years of dedicated practice.

Yesterday, I watched a video of a polyglot who said that to reach C1 or C2 level of fluency, you should read books. Who reads books, right? I do. I am an avid reader. However, I am quite humbled by the idea of reading in a foreign language. So maybe if you found a book in a subject you were really interested in and read 3-4 pages a day, that might help.

Also, do you have anyone you speak with in English? The polyglot mentioned how conversations can bring up so many different topics, and it exposes you to a greater range of ideas and the words that go with those ideas.

As I said, I am a novice, so what do I know? Maybe some of the other members will have better suggestions.

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If you submit your posts for correction, the feedback from native English speakers might help improve your writing skills.

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I recommend you watch some of the videos on Youtube by Steve Kaufmann.

He will tell you “how to learn” a language [based on his experience]. He does a wonderful job of summing up what it takes to learn quickly and efficiently. From my understanding of what Steve says, you need to:

Read the language
Write the language
Listen to the language
Practice at regular intervals
Practice speaking out loud for pronunciation
Have fun with the language (pursue topics you are interested in)

Watching subtitles on movies will only give you a small amount of exposure, when what you really need is a well-rounded range of experience that makes you see the language from different viewpoints.

Try starting here: