How to sort my lessons/course by unknown words?

Is there a way to sort my lessons or courses by either the number of unknown words or percentage of unknown words?

This information is indicated for each lesson or course in the list of lessons/courses. But, the only options for sorting seem to be relevance, likes, newly accessed, and newly imported. Obviously, I would like to start with lessons/courses with fewer unknown words before moving on to more advanced material. But, it is a bit of a chore to scroll through the whole list to find them.


That’s not possible at the moment. It’s one of features we are asked about frequently and we will see what we can do about it in the upcoming updates.


Is it possible to be organized "My lesson " in folders ?
And each lesson/course showed the numbers of words and time to listen, too?
So we can make filters for them , too.

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it’d be nice if we could, but its not the case atm.