How to smartly add vocabulary?

If I import 10 words today, how can i find this word?
After two days, how do I find these 10 words to practice again?


Are you using the import vocabulary function? Where you upload a CSV?

I’ve not used the function, but I’m guessing this could work…You could give the vocabulary a particular tag. Then when you go to find this vocabulary again, just go to filters and use that tag to find that vocabulary again. If you want all imported vocabulary to be identified as one group…everytime you import just add that same tag. Or if you want it identified differently each time you import, just give a different tag…like a date maybe? Looks like you can do two different tags, so you could do the more broad tag and a more specific tag as well. Just some ideas you could try.

Another thing you could do is just add the vocabulary as a lesson and then LingQ each word. Then when you go to vocabulary section you can filter by lesson or course.

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That’s exactly what I’ve been doing - creating lessons of just words in order to lingq them. May or may not have gone up by 6000+ words doing this in just the past 2 days (italian). Man I love verb inflation XD

It’s mildly annoying when content says “17% new words” or smth but you already know them all lol