How to set order for imported lessons

There have been a couple changes lately in the import window - but I still can’t find where to go to sent the imported lessons order. Where I can put the order of the lessons in the blank boxes to make them appear in the course list in the correct sequence. Does anyone know how to direct me to this?
And thank you!


ok, got it - in the lesson, you no longer click “Back to Imports” but instead hit the link “Back to course”

Hi Daniel

This should give you a list of your courses; replace “pt” by the language of your imports

“de” if it is German


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There is already a discussion about this: It Is Impossible To Create New Lessons! - Language Forum ...

LingQ is changing things and make them more worse. It is unbelievable and I do not understand why they change things that work quite well. Why?

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@mfr - ha! Great! I’ve made a shortkey for this link - thank you!

@Vera “I do not understand why they change things that work quite well. Why?”

  • yes, we all understand that frustration - to more forward, things break, but they are fixed and the advancement is then accomplished. I wish Windows had stayed at Window 7 and not gone to Windows 8. But I also know, it’s the only way we will ever get to Windows 9 …nobody like it - it’s painful - but this is the reason “why”
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@scoreperfect: I understand lots of the changes, and I think they are fine or at least acceptable and understandable. I’m not against changes in general. But they should be an improvement and not a hindrance. The now limited options (they took away functionality) is a great hindrance especially for content providers, for people like me who create lessons for the learners.

I’m a member of LingQ for 6 years now. I joined in May, 2008. I wouldn’t have been a member on LingQ for such a long time, if I would not like it. There was a lot of great improvement. But on the other hand I’ve experienced a lot or ‘improvements’ that slowed me down in my learning and took away part of the pleasure. I do a lot for LingQ, they know what I’m doing, and I’ve discussed many issues with them on the forum and privately. LingQ needs user feedback. Otherwise they would develop things in a box that does not fit the needs of the users.


Yes, I know you are a LingQ ‘veteran’ - I know too that the feedback to LingQ, even if negative, is an essential part of the process which I’m sure they welcome - and the forum here (or emailing them directly) is the way to give them the feedback they need. The longest members like you are the most respected. I’m sure your voice is being heard. My main concern is less on how LingQ operates - I can work around about anything - all my effort is on importing my personal courses to help me learn your wonderful German language! :slight_smile:

@scoreperfect - When editing any lessons that are part of a course, you can click on the course name in blue in the right sidebar above the listing of all the lessons in the course. This will take you to the course page you are looking for.

@Vera - We know it can be difficult for existing users when things change. However, we know that if we don’t continue updating and improving things, the site will not grow. Of course, there are sometimes changes with adverse consequences but we try to fix these as much as possible. Which aspects of the new lesson import page are not working for you?

It’s impossible for I to lingq a lesson of course I can’t learning words of it . That does not run all the time only intermittently by chance even doing Ctrl + F5 . I use Firefox . Thanks a lot to help me.

@Mark: I’ve explained the recent problem here: It Is Impossible To Create New Lessons! - Language Forum ...

Main problem for me is that I think the view of the courses here:

is much better than the library view. (You can replace “de” in the link by another language)
If I’m on the import it takes me back to the import sections for lessons in the library (14 seconds). Then I have to click on courses (26 seconds). The direct link above needs less than 5 seconds.

There are more points to add:

  • The library is not only slow, it doesn’t give me a proper overview. The table form is much more convenient.
  • In the lesson view it shows only a view of my lessons. Lots of them are not shown, I don’t know why.
  • The library search often doesn’t work. There are many complaints about that in the forum.
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@AGISSON - I don’t follow exactly what you are trying to do. What does ctrl + f5 do? Are lessons not working for you now?

Mark, I support Vera that the table view should remain accessible. For content providers this is a very easy overview of their shared lessons. The library is not suited for that. I think Vera argumented clearly enough all the reasons.
I hope you and the developers can understand this.


@Vera - thanks for pointing out that issue with the Courses view in the My Imports section. We will take a look at that. One thing to remember is that very few members will actually switch between their Course view of the My Imports page from one language to another by changing the language extension in the url. We are doing things to try to speed up those library pages. We also know we need to improve the search capability there. Hopefully, these changes will resolve those issues for you and make the My Imports page function properly for you. Give us a few weeks to get these changes done.

LingQ runs now , but not very well . we must wait the restoration .

@AGISSON - Actually, LingQ is running very well right now. What exactly is not running well for you? If you provide more details we can try to figure out what is happening to you.