How to select course when importing ebook?

I want to SRT for some mini story and want to put them into an existed course. However, the “Import ebook” doesn’t allow me to create one.

Also, the default name of the import books is “Subtitle”. Is it possible to change it to the same as the SRT file?

When importing ebooks, a new course is created automatically and all parts of imported book are added into that new course. Course name will be the same as name of the file you are importing.
If you want to import ebook into existing course, just name the file the same as that existing course and it will be added into it.

Got it. What about the lesson name? When the imported file is SRT, the lesson name is “Subtitle”. Shouldn’t that be the same as lesson name as well?

Lesson name should be the same as course name after importing. In most cases there will be more parts and at the end of name part number will appear ( (1), (2), (3) etc… )