How to see more examples for the LingQs you've created

One of our LingQ members asked the following question:

“Can you make a button or something in each LingQ that connects to each of the texts studied that contains it? Having access to only one phrase makes my understanding of the word a little lopsided.”

In fact, we already have this functionality. Please see my screenshot for more information:



This is a really GREAT TIP…
I always wanted this functionality and never thought of using the examples button.

I can assure that my already great love of lingQ has upgraded today!

Ana Paula,

  1. We are working to improve LingQ…it will get a lot better.
  2. I suspect that there are a lot of functions that are not yet understood by most of our users. That is our fault.
  3. We (I) love your enthusiasm and interest in our community. You sometimes throw flowers, and sometimes thorns, but it is all with the best of our community in mind. Muito obrigado.

What nice sentence, the point 3)

I think all of us bring both not only Ana Paula - it’s depend from the situation (and the day perhaps) :slight_smile:

I agree Irene, and even the thorns are appreciated. It helps us get better even if we cannot respond immediately.

that is reasuring :slight_smile:


  1. I’m sure of that.
  2. You’re right. You’ll need to think up ways of helping people using LingQ better.
  3. Thanks for you kind words. I sure you appreciate even the thorns. Otherwise, I wouldn’t waste my somewhat rare time throwing them to you. De nada.