How to search the library

Am I the only user who can’t search the library? Is there a handy guide somewhere on the site? An example of my difficulty: I decided to try and find ALL courses by evgeny40. I chose Courses and evgeny40, which gave me one hit. I know he has done dozens of courses because I have been reading lessons from many of them. So I decided that I needed to check all the New, Taken, etc. boxes, as well as all levels from beginner to advanced. Every time I checked a box the whole page refreshed. After a while I managed to check them all, and about 3 courses came up. Periodically as I tried to select more filters the whole thing refreshed and put me back to another version of the page without evgeny40 or anything else I had chosen still checked. Thanks for any help.

  1. click on the ‘LingQ’ (upper left hand corner)
  2. type in member name in the member search box (upper right hand corner)
  3. scroll down and look for lessons or courses shared (on left side under tutoring) then click on it


while in the Russian Libray type ‘owner:evgueny40’ in the search box (on top) then click on lessons or courses (on the left)

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what a fantastic answer! many thanks. A happy new year to you - and continuing good luck with the Italian!

@protorich - You can also click on evgueny40 in the “Shared (date) by evgueny40” line in the lesson or course description to see all courses or lessons by that user. Make sure to add the u in evgueny.


In 2012 I shared 3 books in English.
(3 courses )

You and my friends can not find them on my profile page (in the file at left)


@Jolanda: That looks like an interesting problem. It is true. If I click on the “shared courses” on your profile page it leads me to your German courses only.

My guess is that the language filter above the “shared courses” link effects to which library you are leaded. In your case only German can be chosen because that is the only language you tutor. If my guess is true this is not well implemented.

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I did a test with Login - LingQ
He tutors Russian, English and German.

If I search for the English courses I find two courses only:

If I search for English lessons I find lessons from other courses too for example:
and much more

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Agreed. Pmilone’s solution is really helpful because it got me from zero to a long way forward, but one thing it has shown me, for example, is that if I click on Courses for evgueny40 I get very little, but if I click on Lessons I get access to more courses - which suggests that the library has not been properly set up.

Mark - thanks - clicking that link is another route to Evgueny’s page but the point I just noted above remains i.e. however you get to that page, once you are there you get access to more courses by clicking on Lessons than you do by clicking on Courses.


The same is happen for your English lessons!

I can not find it!
I know you shared also some English book!


I know there are some issues with caching in the library. These have to do with trying to speed up search. However, you should be able to find everything which you can’t right now. We will look into this more.

@Mark: Were you able to look into this during the last 2 months?

Yes, we have been looking into this issue. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for this issue which involves multiple considerations including speed of search results while at the same time delivering accurate search results. We are continuing to look into this.